RE: How to Measure the Impact of Monitoring and Evaluation Work | Eval Forward

Dear Reagan Ronald Ojok,

Thank you very much for your contribution.

It is true M&E is being done at different levels being it at national, district, sub-country etc. 

Ministers, Parliamentarians, District Resident District Commissioners, their Deputies and Assistants technical officers at the Ministries, district Councilors and district technical officials, sub-county Councilors and technical officials etc all are involved in some kind of M&E work.

Resources are being utilized for M&E work at the different levels.  How do we then measure value for money of the M&E at the different levels?  We should for example be to tell that M&E work  being done at the lower levels is creating better impact than M&E being done at the national level because of lower M&E proximity to the service beneficiaries.

So what yardsticks can we use to determine which of those different players has better M&E impact and is able to influence more resources to it due to its greater impact?

I believe if we put our ideas together, we can come up with a framework of indicators that can be used to identify who does M&E better due to its better influence for better impact.  

This is yet to come.


Abubakar Muhammad Moki