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Dear all,

Thanks for your contributions and please see my responses below:


Dear Dr Émile Houngbo

My issue is how do I know that M&E done has added value to an organisation.

How do we measure the output and outcomes of M&E that has been carried out or done?  And not what M&E measures. M&E should not be an activity whose performance cannot be assessed.  What can be  assessed and who has the yardsticks?


Dear Zahid Shabbir,

Thanks so much for all your useful contributions. However, I have a view that the impact of M&E can be in terms of the following:

1. decisions it has influenced

2. problems or challenges or issues it has clarified

3. interventions it has redirected

4. etc.

We can recast the above and add on the list

So that an M&E system that does the above well, we say it has high impact and one that does none of the above we say has no impact and hence no value for money or value addition or contribution for its work.


Dear Mustapha Malki,

My interest is how to assess the performance of the M&E system in terms of the changes it has influenced. If for example, the purpose of M&E is for evidence informed decision making.

If an M&E output influences decision making, then that should be its impact.  If it does not influence decision-making, then it has zero impact.


Dear Dr. Tarek Sheta,

To measure the impact of M&E work we should look at:

(i)  The extent to which M&E actions, recommendations and decisions are implemented. So that if zero of those are implemented then we approximate the impact of M&E to be zero. If 50% are implemented then we approximate the impact to 50 %  etc.

(ii) The extent to which the purpose of M&E is realized for example, better understanding of the gaps, challenges, emerging needs, changes in situations, etc.  The extent of the achievement can be rated and levels of achievement determined that can be approximated to the impacts created in that context.

Let’s then refine those two above and add on the list


Dear Reagan Ronald Ojok,  

My idea is how to measure the impact of the M&E outcome in terms of the outcome influencing decision-making, influencing project change, influence more resource allocation etc.

This is because many M&E are being done at various levels and no change seems to be seen out of the M&E outcomes because of weak influence of M&E outcomes. 

So how do we measure the M&E outcomes so that we know which ones have made some influence and which ones have not made some influence as an example?