RE: Challenges of evaluation | Eval Forward

Hello from Tunisia,
Thank you very much, dear colleagues, for these rich and fruitful exchanges. I think that one of the major constraints of evaluation is the evaluation culture itself when it is not really well anchored. Most of the time we are satisfied with a self-assessment that is not based on a scientific basis and does not meet or only partly meets international evaluation standards. We need to be convinced that the evaluation will allow us either to adjust the direction to resume the right path or to continue on the same path that is the right one, and in both cases it will allow us to move forward. This will lead us to the second constraint that hinders evaluation, namely the personalization of the project or program. Indeed the person who is the leader of the project (I am talking about public institutions) does not accept that, supposedly, his project is evaluated because he believes that this evaluation will affect his credibility and this is really a big problem that goes back to the question of the evaluation culture.