RE: What works in improving food security and nutrition in very poor communities? | Eval Forward

Thank you for initiating such a wonderful discussion around evaluation of Food Security, Nutrition and Agriculture programs, it indeed is a crucial issue, especially in the context of poor countries, and communities reliant on agriculture as a means of subsistence.

I would like to briefly share the followings from my experience. I served as a National Consultant in 2016 to conduct an evaluation for a SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) funded project of UN-ILO (International Labour Organization), the project was a job creation project (Road to Jobs).

The overall goal of the Road to Jobs (R2J) project is ‘More and better jobs in selected Northern Provinces of Afghanistan to contribute to improved livelihoods and poverty reduction. The project also aims at addressing the underlying causes of poor market systems performance in selected agricultural subsectors.

The summary of evaluation findings published by ILO is available at:

I hope this is helpful.

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Samandar Mahmodi