Checklist for Evaluation Recommendations

Checklist for Evaluation Recommendations

When managing your evaluations, you may want to have a look at the checklist for evaluation recommendations summarized and downloadable here on the EvalForward webpage.

This testing tool was elaborated by Osvaldo Feinstein as part of the "Evaluation Checklist Project" of the Western Michigan University´s Evaluation Center.

Also related to how evaluation recommendations should be elaborated, you may want to consider to print this 1-pager flyer from EvaluATE summarizing a similar idea and have it at hand in your desk.


  • Timing: Begin early on to think about recommendations
  • Engagement: Engage with decision makers and implementors
  • Consultation: Consult with thematic experts and review the literature
  • Validation: Progressive validation of the recommendations


  • Categories: Group recommendations under a few categories
  • Number: Limit the number of recommendations
  • Priorities: Indicate which recommendations should be top priorities
  • Verifiability: Facilitate monitoring the implementation of the recommendations


  • Clarity: Make certain that the recommendations are sufficiently clear
  • Evidence: Show the evidence for each recommendation
  • Feasibility: Check human and financial resources are (or can be made) available
  • Responsibility: Support identify responsible(s) for implementing the recommendations