Eval4Action Commitment Drive

Eval4Action Commitment Drive

The #Eval4Action commitment drive is a global call for institutional and individual commitments to action for influential evaluation. The commitment drive is open to everyone, everywhere.

Public declaration of commitments to action by Eval4Action partners and beyond, will pave the way for stronger national and regional advocacy for evaluation capacities and policies. It will enhance cooperation among partners, and further promote the use of evaluations in Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) and in national and local decision-making, accelerating the implementation of SDGs.

The #Eval4Action commitment drive will take place primarily on Twitter. However, a public commitment to evaluation can be posted on any social channel.

Event hashtag: #Eval4Action
Twitter handles: @unfpa_eval, @Eval_Youth, @eval_gpf
Email: contact@eval4action.org

To join the commitment drive, post a video on Twitter and on your other social channels, between 19 and 23 October 2020, stating your public commitment to influential evaluation. Videos should be very short – 1 to 2 minute.