What about stakeholders? Evaluation of social protection programs.


What about stakeholders? Evaluation of social protection programs.

Dear Members of the EVALFORWARD,

Let me introduce myself, I am an expert in rural development and participatory practices. I am Lebanese and interested in learning from your experiences around the world, in developing practices and methodologies for stakeholders’ engagement etc.

As you have already faced, many projects and programs are today focusing activities and interventions on social protection. Social protection is a key element for achieving food security and rural development.

Anyone of you who find it interesting can share with the group some lessons learned based on the following key questions:

1.            Have you ever been involved in the evaluation of social protection programs? What is the approach to assessing such programs?

2.            What are the key elements that any expert would be looking for in social protection activities/programs?

3.            Coming back to the ultimate goal of contributing to the development of rural societies and to their food security, what could be the elements to investigate and research and what indicators would be evaluated to reach a clear understanding on the community development?  

Patricia R. Sfeir


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