Training workshop on Outcome Harvesting for Complex Development Programmes

Training workshop on Outcome Harvesting for Complex Development Programmes

Bologna, Italy

Outcome Harvesting is a utilisation-focused, highly participatory evaluation tool that enables evaluators, grant makers, and managers to identify, formulate, verify, and make sense of outcomes they have influenced when at the time of planning the relationships of cause-effect were substantially unknown. Outcome Harvesting is “an evaluation approach that, unlike some other methods, does not measure progress towards predetermined outcomes, but rather collects evidence of what has been achieved, and works backward to determine whether and how the project or intervention contributed to the change”.

This course is for evaluators and commissioners of evaluations of development and social change with no previous experience with Outcome Harvesting. Participants should have knowledge and experience of evaluation.

The workshop embodies the hands-on, participatory values that are at the core of this utilization-focused evaluation approach, combining theory and examples with group discussion, individual reflection and small group practical exercises all revolving around a case study especially written for this workshop. Special attention is given to dealing with the uncertainty about the causal relationships linking inputs, activities and outputs with the outcomes of development interventions. Participants will apply all concepts embodied in the six steps in working groups. The nine underlying principles will be explained throughout the workshop with examples from evaluative experience. Thus, participants will build their practical capacities and leave the course with skills in adapting this tool to evaluate interventions for the purposes of both accountability and improving performance.

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