The evaluation is for you. Increasing evaluation utilization and ownership through stakeholder engagement...

The evaluation is for you. Increasing evaluation utilization and ownership through stakeholder engagement...

Manila, Philippines

.. by way of workshops, knowledge management, and EVAL-ForwARD

More and more, evaluation as a practice has been evolving to strengthen its engagement with various stakeholders to maximize its use. In evaluation instances where there are concerns of peace and security, the method of including a diverse range of stakeholders could ensure buy-in and reduce the likelihood of conflict over evaluation findings.  Especially if evaluation findings could be sensitive.  Evaluators are recognizing that evaluation, as a process is as important as the final report. Besides, there is an increasing demand to diversify evaluation products to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of audiences and potential users of evaluations. One particular tool is the use of workshops in various phases of the evaluation. Such as Theory of Change workshop at inception and Stakeholder workshop at the final stage. These workshop increases stakeholder ownership of the process and results, at the same time reducing costs.

This APEA pre-conference workshop will contribute to expanding ways of increasing evaluation utility. The overall objective is to strengthen and develop the evaluation practitioner’s understanding and knowledge of stakeholder engagement. The evaluation practitioner will learn through peer-to-peer learning various kinds of practical stakeholder engagement methods and tools that are implementable throughout the evaluation process. The workshop will start by discussing with the participants some principles of stakeholder engagement. The bulk of the workshop will be devoted to practical ways of implementing workshop methodologies such as After-Action Reviews, Theory of Change, Outcome Evidencing, Workshop tools in conflict situations, etc. The event will also include sharing of lessons and challenges in organizing and managing Evaluation Consultative Groups, Evaluation Reference Groups, Feedback Exercises (e.g., Stakeholder Workshop).

Finally, the workshop will delve into the use of Knowledge Management to support and advance the  evaluation utilization, in particular through the EVAL-ForwARD Community of Practice, and will address the diversification of evaluation products and messaging in order to engage different types of stakeholders  (e.g., videos, lessons learned documents, synthesis, briefs, and infographics).


  • To expand the participant’s views on stakeholder engagement and evaluation utility;
  • To expose the participants to various tools and methods of facilitating evaluation workshop tools;
  • To facilitate the sharing of lessons, challenges and best practices in organizing and facilitating evaluation activities aimed at stakeholder engagement;


FAO will facilitate the seminar using tools that have been used in FAO evaluations and will take stock on the experiences of colleagues who are part of the EVAL ForwARD. Participants of APEA who are also members of EVAL-ForwARD will be serve as resource speakers or facilitators in the seminar.  The workshop will employ various participatory learning tools such as presentations, role-play, debates, and other participatory activities. 

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