RE: Enhancing funding and service delivery in agriculture: any ideas? | Eval Forward

Hi Christine,

Only a few countries in the region have been able to meet the Malabo declaration target. As such, the clarion call since Maputo days has been to always call for increased public spending in the sector. However, beyond the call for increased spending in the sector by both the public and private sectors, they is need to also pay attention to the efficiency of expenditures in the sector.

For a start,  the key question should focus on the policies that guide spending across the various sectors. for instance, what are the key priority sectors for Uganda's Government? If the focus in on extractive industries, education, or health sectors, the trends on allocation across sectors can easily confirm the picture.

I believe its time we go back and start talking about the efficiency of the expenditures in terms of returns to investment rather than focus on the potential of the sector. This can convince both the government and the private sector to increase investments in agriculture.