RE: The farmer as a key participant of M&E: lessons and experiences from Participatory M&E systems | Eval Forward

From my experience working in the field of monitoring and evaluation, it depends on the project context and to some extent on the delivery of goods and services to targets beneficiaries as well as to those outside of the boundary of the project intervention. Thus, these three tools come into mind and sometimes are confusing: Logical Framework, Result Framework and Theory of Change. Though, the theoretical understanding of these tools on paper looks simple and how they are leveraged in the M&E system is okay however their applications to provide evidence based results is sometime unclear. Further, at what level of results reporting, do I tailor in Logical & Result Framework and Theory of Change to enable better understanding of the process? What I am doing in my project is that I tailor Logical and Result Framework at process evaluation stage (input, activities and outputs) to understand flow of implementations and TOC at impact level (output, outcome and impact) to understand change as a results of the intervention. I would be happy to hear from experts.