RE: Do you have examples on reviewing Theories of Change? | Eval Forward

Dear EvalForward Members,

Hivos ToC Guidelines demonstrate how the ToC should incorporate all aspects of change interventions, including social processes where individual actions continuously interact with those of others.

Hivos developed eight steps to think critically while designing a ToC. Of particular interest might be Step 8, which lists some core suggestions on how to embed the ToC in the project process. To learn effectively from the ToC, the authors recommend regular reflection sessions with staff and relevant stakeholders to discuss activities, experiences and results.

These participatory sessions, where pathways, assumptions and strategies have to be revisited, combined with appropriate data collection, will align regular management processes with the ToC.
In addition, these ToC design sessions should acknowledge power relations and involve appropriate leadership roles. The ToC should also be transparent and visible in the daily life of the team and project participants.

Please find here the useful report of Hivos, shared on EvalForward’s resources section:

Best regards, Emiel