Richard [user:field_middlename] Alepa

Richard Alepa

M&E Practitioner
Market for Village Farmers, Fresh Produce Development Agency

En savoir plus sur moi

Richard Alepa has a Masters of Science in Agriculture. He is a member of Australian Evaluation Society. Richard has more than 5 years of research and development (R&D) related work experience on farming systems in the highlands of PNG. Further 3 years 10 months as an M&E Practitioner. He is currently employed as an M&E Practitioner with the Productive Partnership in Agriculture Project (PPAP) - Coffee Component with Coffee Industry Cooperation funded by World Bank, International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) and Government of Papua New Guinea. My work with PPAP has involved in designing a user friendly and comprehensive Monitoring & Evaluation Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to keep track of project activities at output level to deliver outcomes and report impacts on the livelihood of the participating coffee growers under project areas. The SOP design is systematically link to Management Information System (MIS). Previously, he was employed as a research & development officer with Fresh Produce Development Agency. His interest areas are in farming system research & development, biometry (statistics), project management, participatory monitoring & evaluation and learning, Management Information System (MIS) and climate change & adaptation.