Adiza [user:field_middlename] Lamien Ouando

Adiza Lamien Ouando

Burkina Faso

More about me

Citizen of Burkina Faso, bilingual English-French, I am a professional evaluator conducting and participating in evaluations in various development areas and various contextes since 1992.

Combining evaluation , Gender mainstreaming and the use of local languages make me stand as an evaluator who define herself as the voice of non educated, poor, women and young people during evaluation processes.

As a part time lecturer of on evaluation, design, evaluation systems, gender and human rights based evaluation, inclusion of indigenous evaluation systemsI give positive contribution to widen the pool of young experts in evaluation and mainstream evaluation in development projects and programs management?

Iam a member founder of Réseau Burkinabè de Suivi-évaluation, member of Comité Genre et évaluation du Réseau Francophone de l'évaluation.

Recently as CEO of Groupe de Réflexion et d'Action NEGABONON, I insured that evanuation is one of the twelve pilars of our action.

As CEO of EDOU CONSULT I am planning to design trainings on "evaluation facile" in French and also in at least three local languages .

All these initiatives aim to "leave no one behind" on the process of achivement of the SDGs and the African Union Agenda 2063.