Alex [user:field_middlename] Pires

Alex Pires

Evaluation consultant

I am a Spaniard / Brazilian civil engineer and evaluation specialist with 22 years of experience working with more than 30 countries on 3 continents on complex operations on biodiversity, water, environment, and climate for both public and private sectors.

I led and participated in more than 40 projects and programmes at the local, national and global levels. I have worked across the whole project cycle from planning, design, and execution, to monitoring, reporting, and evaluation. These operations gave me the opportunity to work closely and liaise with:
- business (from diverse industries such as energy and agriculture);
- governments; multinational organizations; development banks; global funds;
- NGOs; research institutions; and think tanks.

Over the last 16 years, I have developed a profoundly rich international background in the provision of specialized services and evaluation, particularly through my work within Multilateral Organizations (such as the FAO, UNEP, UNDP, and BID) and the private sector (including EU and US companies). This experience includes:
- the creation of +70 knowledge products such as manuals, handbooks, technical notes, reports, papers, etc.
- the organization of more than 30 capacity building and outreach initiatives, such as seminars, conferences, training sessions, webinars, and structured dialogues; and
- the development of international networks in support of public-private cooperation.
My work has been acknowledged with 16 awards given by relevant institutions such as UN-Habitat and development agencies.

I am proficient in English, Spanish, and Portuguese with a working level of French and Catalan, and notions of German. I have lived and worked in Montreal (Canada), Barcelona (Spain), Panama, the UK, and Brazil.

I am really passionate about working to promote a real paradigm shift toward a circular economy, low-carbon, and climate resilient societies. I love to work on these issues and be able to let, somehow, a better world for my 8 years old boy and his mates.