Ayda [user:field_middlename] Villalobos

Ayda Villalobos

Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Analyst

More about me

Ayda Villalobos is a Social Development Specialist. Her career spans from the grassroots, national to global scales totalling eight years including one cumulative year of research and consulting. On her current role, her work focuses on social inclusion, social risk management, social resilience and gender based violence. She also contributes to cross cutting themes on community driven development and citizen engagement.

Ayda accomplished national-level policy advocacy assignments at CRIC in Colombia and UNODC in Myanmar on gender, farmer rights, incorporating gender views in alternative development programs.
Chifundo is a competent economy analyst and has experience in development, environment and social issues. She started out her career at Mennonite Central Commitee USA, before joining UNODC Myanmar. Through both roles, she worked closely with political parties and various state and non-state actors in politics and elections and various interest groups.
Ayda volunteers with Rotary International. She is currently based in Denmark and has lived in seven countries in Africa, Europe and North America.