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Harvey John Garcia has more than 10 years of experience in agricultural and biodiversity research, project implementation and monitoring and evaluation. (Opinions on issues are my own).

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  • Racism in the field of evaluation

    • Hello again to everyone, 

      In closing this thread, first, I would like to thank the colleagues for sharing their perspectives, and also those that followed the exchanges. It is refreshing to hear personal experiences related to racism in our field. I want to repeat what I mentioned earlier, that racism is experienced differently by everyone. Thus,I won’t even summarize the discussion, because I might oversimplify the experiences that were mentioned by the colleagues.

      What I did get from the exchange is that racism exists in many forms, and it is called in different ways in the field of evaluation. Also, sometimes we are deep into the system that we don’t see our role in the perpetuation of racism. The start in rectifying the situation could be self-reflection; we need to genuinely recognize where we are positioned in terms of our history, economics, and the privilege that we are experiencing. Then we can use this to reflect if systematic racism does exist and where we fit in the puzzle (as active participants or as passive enablers).

      Hearing from some of you, with your stories, I feel that these are more reasons why discussions on racism should be an ongoing one. Especially, in our field of evaluation that is young and dynamic. We should be able to shape our practice to become more diverse and inclusive. We should devise creative and innovative ways to make it so. But before doing that, we need to pinpoint where racism exists in our profession, be accountable to it, and then we can move forward in changing it.

      After all, our nationality, our skin color, the economies/history that we were born into - is a matter of luck. Yes, we did shape ourselves and worked hard to become who we are, but also, we should be cognizant that not everyone had a running start, and the playing field was NOT even to begin with. But it does not mean we cannot do anything about it. I believe that we could do more to curb racism in our ever-growing profession.
      Thank you again for this discussion.

      Harvey John Garcia
      NYC, USA
      "For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream" -Vincent Van Gough

  • The paper is in the 155th issue of New Directions for Evaluation – “Pedagogy of Evaluation” edited by Michael Quinn Patton, the articles here highlight the contribution of Brazilian Paulo Freire in the field of education and evaluation. I was not familiar with the work of Freire, much less his famous book Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970/2000). The articles in this issue really enticed me to look it up.  It also gave me a bird's-eye viewand whetted my appetite for Freire’s work.

    This article gave me a chance to reflect on how we, as evaluation practitioners engage the contributors