Marija [user:field_middlename] Nashokovska

Marija Nashokovska

M&E Specialist
Chemonics International
The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

More about me

I have been working in the area of monitoring and evaluation for fourteen years. Currently, I work as a M&E Specialist for the regional USAID EDGE Project in Skopje Office. Most recently, I served as MEL Director for the USAID Business Ecosystem Project in Macedonia. At the end of 2017, i served as M&E Specialist for the development of the Public Administration Reform Strategy in Macedonia, in the area of developing the indicators for monitoring the progress of the Strategy implementation. Previously, I was Field Evaluation Specialist for the impact evaluation of a project related to local strategies for climate change in eight municipalities in Macedonia. My engagement in the M&E is primarily connected with conducting evaluations, assessments, developing and establishing M&E systems for different programs. I served as a national evaluator and co-team leader for the SIDA-Sweden outcome assessment of the development support given to Macedonia in the past decade. My overall M&E experience covers the areas of democracy and governance, education, children, youth and climate change.

For five years I was M&E Manager at the Institute for Sustainable Communities. My responsibilities included collecting, summarizing and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data about program activities, support in the development of M&E plans. I am fluent in using SPSS and Excel for conducting different analysis. I have supported other ISC programs in Serbia, Kosovo and China to set up M&E systems. I have developed and conducted training on M&E for the grantees. While at ISC, I trained my colleagues to support the local grantees in collecting and presenting the data according to their M&E plans.

I am a member of the European Evaluation Society since 2006 and have participated in four conferences (most recent one in 2018 in Thessaloniki) where I have presented papers.

Specialties: monitoring and evaluation, organizational assessments, setting up M&E systems, developing M&E plans, developing indicators