Men [user:field_middlename] Chanbona, PhD

Men Chanbona, PhD

Researcher/International MEL Technical Advisor-Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos PDR, Myanmar, Indonesia and Bhutan)
PhD in Economics and Social Science, the University of Bonn, Germany

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I possess almost twenty years of experience in monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning focusing on livelihood and food security, education, health and nutrition, water sanitation and hygiene, horticultural value chain, child protection, climate change mitigation, green growth, migration, human trafficking and civil society strengthening in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos PDR, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Bhutan.

I have carried out institutional capacity assessment of grantees and community-based organizations and provided capacity building to these institutions accordingly through various capacity transfer methods such as in class training, field demonstration, mentoring and coaching, then accompanied by impact assessment of these capacity development initiatives.

I have also conducted regular measurement of changes in capacity of these supported institutions as part of the monitoring and evaluation process, identifying capacity building initiatives, key lesson learned and best practices in institutional capacity strengthening. I have designed and implemented monitoring and evaluation (M&E), reporting and learning systems and frameworks for several complex programs that have administered funding/grants to local and international and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operating in Cambodia and Asian countries.

Additionally, I also experienced in procurement of goods and services in MEL project; Performed and faced Data Quality Assessment Audits by USAID and ensured effective performance measurements systems. Worked as a senior MEL Specialist at the New Zealand Aid Program and the USAID Funded Project. Brought significant experience as a senior MEL expert working with international donors and implementing agencies like USAID, EU, UNIDO, UNICEF, ILO, New Zealand Aid Program, AusAid,  ADB, World Bank, Charitable Foundation, and Educate for the Child. Demonstrated proactive, leadership quality, self-driven, result oriented, stronger team player led projects MEL unit successfully. Ability to work under pressure to meet any reporting deadline.