Nonkululeko [user:field_middlename] Seloba

Nonkululeko Seloba

Junior Field Manager
South Africa

More about me

Nonkululeko Seloba is Junior Field Manager at Ikapadata. Her role at ikapadata involves leading and managing field teams to complete projects within allotted time lines and budget. In past projects Nonkululeko Seloba coordinated field teams in projects for the department of health, a price perception study for a retail store for 2 years and freelanced audits for Heineken, ABI, Mondelez and Simba for other subcontracted research companies. She lead teams for a British Embassy Youth Study and coordinated teams for an Individual Deprivation Measure Study for the University of Australia and one of the teams solely focused on a people living with a disability sample. Mrs Seloba has over 7 years experience in the research industry. She completed her further education certificate in Project Management skills course in 2018.