Léa [user:field_middlename] FAIDA CHISHIBANJI


Democratic Republic of the Congo

More about me

Economiste (Bac+5) et actuellement auditrice en management de projets à l'Université Senghor à Alexandrie, je suis trop passionnée par la planification et le suivi-évaluation de projets de développement. J'ai besoin de veiller à vos côtés cher(e)s expert(e)s.

My contributions

    • In my humble opinion, Covid-19 has reduced the mobility of international evaluators. It would be likely that national specialists would take on this task, but this is not effective in the field, I wonder who is now assigned the task. It is very surprising that in some institutions the same project implementation staff are considered to be evaluators with a team of verifiers. This is scandalous.

      Returning to Lewis! for the DRC, I myself thought that the Ministry of Planning had a monitoring and evaluation unit. It is unacceptable that the total amount of external funding received by the country is not known and that it is not possible to claim to monitor its use. 

      Accountability would be a consequent step of the rigorous monitoring of projects' governance.

      [Note that this contribution was originally submitted in French]