Carlo [user:field_middlename] Cafiero

Carlo Cafiero

Senior Statistician

More about me

I am a senior economist and statistician at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, Italy.
I lead the Team in charge of producing food security and nutrition statistics at global, regional and country levels and is the FAO focal point for the food security indicators used to monitor SDG Target 2.1.
Prior to joining FAO in 2011, I taught statistics, agricultural economics and policy at the Graduate school of Agriculture at the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. My research interests have spanned on risk management in agriculture, the econometrics of storable commodity prices and measurement issues in the field of food security and nutrition. I hold a PhD in agricultural and natural resource economics from the University of California at Berkeley, a Doctoral degree in agricultural policy from the University of Naples Federico II, Italy and a MS in agricultural economics from the University of Arizona.