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Esteban Tapella

Programa de Estudios del Trabajo, el Ambiente y la Sociedad

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I am Professor in Social Planning and Evaluation at Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina. I have about 30 years of increasing professional responsibilities and experience in the field of development studies and evaluation, working for European Commission, the World Bank, FAO, UNDP, Action-Aid, Kellogg Foundation, DEval, among others. I am member of ReLAC (Latin American Evaluation network) and EvaluAR (Argentinean Evaluation network) and ex board member of IOCE (International organization for Cooperation to Evaulation). I am now conducting a new initiative for Latin America on Participatory Evaluation, supported by DEval (germany), called EvalParticipativa

I have experience in technical and analytical assistance to strengthen decision-making, planning, sharing of information, best practices and lessons learnt. I have wide range experience in evaluation and field work, commanding and undertaking literature review, conceiving data collection tools such as individual interview guides, surveys, focus group discussion guides), conducting interviews, focus group and surveys and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data using computer-based softwares ( SPSS, Atlasti, SAS). I am a documentary and ethnographic photography ( I am interested in short or long-term consultancy opportunities, managing projects with NGO, governments or international organizations, as well as teaching or delivering workshops.

My contributions

    • Dear all, I totally agree with your comments. The ultimate reason for evaluation is to contribute to this social betterment or impact. This includes, but at the same time goes beyond the mere use of evaluation results that change policies or programmes. In this way, the use of evaluation per se stops being evaluations’ final objective, since it aims at changes that promote improvements in people’s lives.

      In this way we have understood evaluation to identify seven stories of evaluation that make a difference in Latin América. We have published these stories in the book “Leaving a Footprint”, edited by Pablo Rodriguez Bilella and me, available for free in Spanish and English. You can access the book trailer here. The book illustrates how evaluation itself has this potential to produce a positive impact in people’s lives.

      The follow illustration on this book summarize the main idea behind these seven experiences.

      image by Tapella