Said Hassan Osman

Said Hassan Osman

Agronomist Officer
Agro-Coastal Research and development Organization

More about me

I'm Mr Said Hassan whose Versatile Science oriented agricultural professional with a passion for systems based decision-making, emphasizing and promoting the use of modern technology at the farm level to enable and empower farmers to advance their business and productivity.

Skills : Good Communicator, Good Computer , Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint. Microsoft Office.


1. Working with production agronomists to help determine the seed they need
2. Supervised fieldwork, plant operations, and safety programs.
3. Prepared reports as assigned by the plant manager or assistant plant manager.
4. Responsible for all aspects of grower contracts (implementation, contract elections.
5. Supervised plant secretary on related matters.
6. Led and helped assist in the planning of seed acreage and contract allocations to growers.
7. Coordinated an Integrated Pest Management program including hiring and managing scouts, and developing a cost-effective, environmentally sound method of enhancing yields.

My contributions

    • Dear EvalForward 


      If I  go though the proposed topic relating to the environment, it is very important to remind and make the environment progressive. The social environment is collectively all of the things that human have overlaid on the top surface on the earth.

      The key environmental challenges are several and are related to deforestation, land degradation, increasing aridity and overgrazing, water scarcity, waste disposal, climate change and ecosystem services. And in my assessments these challenges cause negative trends to poverty, health, economy and ecological and human resilience.

      If all the aspects I have mentioned above won't be maintained, the existence of human life will be highly at risk in the future.

      Best regards

      Dr Said Hassan - Agronomist