Samba [user:field_middlename] Sowe

Samba Sowe

Principal Planner Monitoring and Evaluation
Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Directorate of Development Planning

More about me

I am writing to express my interest in the Building of my Skills in Evaluate Development Interventions. I am currently in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs at the Directorate of Development Planning responsible of coordinating development agenda of the Gambia. I have determination to gain further in-depth knowledge of various evaluation definitions, concepts, approaches and theories and their range of applications among others. I have obtained my post graduate certificates in Economic policy and planning and also spent more than decade working in these areas. Among my duties and responsibilities am presently undertaking includes:
1. Manages departmental staff to ensure that they are effectively motivated, developed, disciplined and trained to effectively and efficiently carry out their tasks
2. Actively participate in coordinating the formulation and implementation of the National Development Planning, complex and sensitive development planning projects as well as sectoral and regional strategic plans
3. Support M&E units in government by serving as a liaison and perform all necessary functions in support of M&E
4. Provide advice to the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation on M&E related matters
5. Prepare reports on operations and activities of assigned responsibilities
6. Attend and participate in meetings such as Budget Committee Meetings and top management meetings of Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs
7. Conduct training and make presentations on training programmes for planners
8. Any other duties as requested by the higher authorities in accordance with the laws, regulations and objectives of the Ministry.

I am particularly keen to study in your reputable Institutions because of my Evaluation interest and also you seems to provide excellent working facilities and facilitators.
However, such training especially in Evaluation is one of the courses designed to address critical challenges that may faces many developing countries in meeting their Development Interventions evaluation and leadership roles in their ability to align development in line with sound economic policy .It will also deepen my understanding of; as well develop my technical and analytical skills in, the theory and practice of Evaluation and planning. Given the opportunity for this training it will definitely yield an achievement in my Planning Directorate of The Ministry of Finance.