Vinti [user:field_middlename] Agarwal

Vinti Agarwal

CEO/ Professor
Citizen Ecofinalytics / Sharda University

More about me

I hold a specialization in economics, finance and data analytics with more than two decades of experience across academic institutions, professional training organizations and non-governmental organizations. My professional contribution includes research, capacity building and consulting with various government, non-profit and academic and research stakeholders. I have worked on more than 26 research projects that span thematic areas of State Finances, Autonomous Bodies, Microfinance, Health Communication, Early Childhood Development, Maternal Health, Primary Education, Health Financing, Child Marriage, Livelihoods, Immunization and Human Rights in Business, Higher Education and Role of Community. I also work as an MEL professional and have designed and conducted various evaluation projects including those with a gendered focus. I work across both qualitative and quantitative methodologies especially in mixed method evaluations. I am an ardent supporter of research for a purpose and therefore regularly carry out research studies with a public interest focus. My teaching interests lie mainly in Research Methodology, Public Policy, Health Economics, Monitoring and Evaluation and Econometrics. I currently manage the Community Engagement and Social Responsibility Program of Sharda University. I also manage my boutique research firm called Citizen Ecofinalytics.