Widad Willa Soufi

Widad Willa Soufi


My experience includes:

- one year as an independent consultant. I led a multi-program evaluation in the West Africa regional energy sector for USAID/West Africa. 

- 7 years with USAID/West Africa, first as a Senior Program Analyst, but mostly as the Program Analytics Lead. I led research management, advised on evaluation design and management, and led monitoring, evaluation and learning. I also produced operational research papers. 

- 7 years as assistant professor of economics and 7 years as research assistant. I led or contributed to several research efforts in agricultural development and trade in Morocco, Chile and Senegal, among other works. 

- 4 years for the Moroccan government, where I was a member then the head of the Moroccan delegation in charge of negotiating a World Trade Organization Agreement on Rules of Origin. In that capacity I launched and coordinated the National Committee on Rules of Origin. I engaged with the private sector to sensitize them and build their contributions to the Moroccan negotiating position. I also participated in the negotiations of a bilateral protocol on rules of origin with the EU. Finally, I developed data analytics to share in conferences. 

My areas of expertise include agricultural economics, international trade, international development, institutional development. At USAID/West Africa, I worked in the following sectors: agriculture, environment, trade, energy, and peace and governance.