Jean [user:field_middlename] Stephan

Jean Stephan


I am an assitant professor at the Lebanese University, working as a consultant (and evaluator) for different organizations including the FAO, AFD, WorldVision and other NGOs active in sustainable development, within the agriculture, water and other cross-cutting sectors. I have a 25 years experience of work with public institutions (ministry of agriculture of Lebanon), and international organizations (FAO, UNDP, IFAD, GIZ, USaid, etc.). I have also participated in the elaboration of project documents for project proposals. I teach and work as a consultant in fields related to sustainable development, forestry, agriculture, strategic landuse planning, agriculture policies, biodiversity and environmental impact assessment. I speak fluently English, French, Arabic and Spanish.

My contributions

  • What type of evaluator are you?

    • I was judged as pragmatist, which I beleive an entry point for a sound evaluation for all evaluators. Yet the highest percentage/contribution is for the "mediation" aspect, which is also logical, since the evaluator should not only be impartial, but also trying to bring together all stakeholders for the sake of a better evaluation and future sound decsion making and advocacy for sustainable development.