RE: Is this really an output? Addressing terminology differences between evaluators and project managers | Eval Forward

Dear Mustafa,

I found your tarmac example quite instructive. For me the difference between outcomes and outputs is not an academic one but more of a practical issues. Thus I often use the Problem Tree Analysis to come up with these. I think you already guess that I lean more towards the Logical Framework Approach. The difference between Outcomes and Output or any other result type is a 'logical' link. Therefore I start from "What is the problem the action is trying to solve?" From there I work backwards and forwards on the causal relations. The problem tree that comes out can then be flipped into a 'positives' tree. The tree levels translate to outputs, outcomes and impact. So this process is a practical process

Dowsen Sango

Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor.

SNV Netherlands Development Organization

Harare, Zimbabwe