RE: How to Measure the Impact of Monitoring and Evaluation Work | Eval Forward

Dear Colleagues,

I would love to share few points regarding the subject of measuring the impact of M&E.

1) There should be a distinction and clear line between M&E with regard to their purposes, roles, tools, timing, scope, responsibility, etc. While the monitoring is an ongoing process, the evaluation is one of the main phases of any intervention / project cycle (simply we can imagine the Deming's cycle: "Plan-Do-Check-Act").

2) The overarching purpose of both M&E activities is to "Enhance Performance and Continuous Improvement". This should be achieved through the ongoing (M) and snapshot (E) assessments of the inputs, processes, outputs and impacts of programs and interventions which should lead to better understanding of the gaps, challenges, emerging needs, changes in situations, etc.

3) The main point here about the impact of M&E is the M&E system itself. The system should be robust and well-designed to NOT only measure and detect BUT also to ensure actions, recommendations and decisions of M&E activities to be well-noted and implemented.

It's a close cycle and all outputs of M&E processes should be communicated, implemented, re-assessed and to be integrated into planning and future program designs.

Best regards

Dr. Tarek Sheta
Executive Director
DevSpaces International