Hassan [user:field_middlename] Mbaziira

Hassan Mbaziira

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist
Ministry of Gender Labour & Social Development

Mbaziira Hassan:
Box 27319
Kampala, Uganda.
+256703- 859320

Member of the Canadian Evaluation Society. Membership Number; 210339
Member of the Uganda Evaluation Association. Membership Number; U-201818031723

I am an enthusiastic, astute, knowledgeable, focused and experienced professional with excellent quantitative skills and a solid background in programme design, programme management, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, programme risk management, organizational capacity building and development.

Programme design, Programme management, Programme reviews, impact and process evaluations, management of baseline studies, general programme monitoring and evaluation and management of programme feasibility studies. Superior report writing and presentation skills, and administrative skills, diverse experience in modern day management practices.

I have trained organizations how to effectively implement Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (ME&R) systems and to manage the annual project cycle, including proposal development, project start-up, baseline assessments, implementation close-out and evaluation. I have also provided technical leadership, grants management, organizational development, finance management and training support to several teams under different donor- funded projects and programs (including those funded by USAID, Bill and Gates Foundation EU/EDF, UKAID among others) government departments, civil society organizations, community based groups, and non-governmental organizations as well as built their capacity to provide more effective and efficient services and social accountability to their clients.