Julian [user:field_middlename] Nyamupachitu

Julian Nyamupachitu

Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist
ReAct Africa

I am a conscientious, award winning monitoring and evaluation expert with over 10 years experience in international development, particularly in the public health domain.  I have managed diverse projects and programs in Sub-Saharan Africa.Experience in working with diverse stakeholders. My fundamental proficiencies include project management, monitoring and evaluation, donor liaison and reporting, critical thinking, collaborative skills, innovative problem-solving skills, as well as strong relationship management and communication skills earned over vast years of experience in the public health space. I excel at coordinating multi-stakeholders and network building across diverse multi-country stakeholders. I am passionate about improving public health and general livelihood outcomes for the most vulnerable, and I am currently pursuing a PhD in Project Planning and Management with a research focus on current trends in Monitoring and evaluation practices, institutional systems-related factors and implementation of health projects in Africa. I get excited about opportunities to make a difference in Africa, especially in the face of the multitude of public health and developmental challenges which have been amplified by COVID-19 and other challenges facing humanity today. I also have a strong passion for working with the youth and training and mentoring.