RE: Recurring errors in public policies and major projects: contributions and solutions from evaluation | Eval Forward

Dear All,

This is a very interesting and timely topic of discussion.

In my view, the fact is that very few evaluations are carried out in our African countries because of the idea or opinion that often people have about evaluation. In fact, evaluation is not always perceived as a tool for decision-making. Efforts should focus first and foremost on improving this view of evaluation by presenting it as a tool for decision-making and as an instrument for improving public policy formulation.

Also, the presentation and the communication around the conclusions of evaluations will have to be improved to facilitate the appropriation of these conclusions by the policy makers who could use them to guide the formulation of the public policies.

In sum, improving the formulation of public policies on the basis of consideration of evaluation results requires first good communication about the importance of evaluations in order to further promote the practice and also the refinement of methods or techniques for presenting these results to policy makers in order to capture their attention.

SAKO Gninnakan Oumar

Expert en Planification stratégique, suivi-évaluation

Côte d'Ivoire