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Join the discussion

The EVAL-ForwARD Community

At the heart of EVAL-ForwARD is the Community of Practice members who raise and discuss issues related to evaluation of agriculture, food security, nutrition, rural development. 

The EVAL-ForwARD Community uses a moderated mailing list on Dgroup as the main channel for interaction and knowledge sharing. 

When registering online you can decide to be part of the Community Dgroup or not by clicking the box on the registration form. Once your email is included in the Dgroup you are welcome to introduce yourself to other members and propose your topics of interest as discussions or questions. You can also share your events and your lessons and challenges from evaluations you are involved in.

Regular summaries will take stock of the exchanges and debates and will contribute to the knowledge base of the Community.

Register here to be part of the Community and to join the Dgroup 

Topics discussed on EVAL-ForwARD Dgroup

  • Gender and evaluation of food security, raised by Georgette Konate Traoré
  • What works in improving food security and nutrition in very poor communities?, raised by Emile Houngbo
  • Developmental Evaluation, raised by Prosper Kaboré
  • An observatory of evaluations. What do you think? raised by the Réseau Francophone de l'Evaluation
  • The issues facing global agriculture - Feeding Nine Billion People, raised by Isha Miranda 
  • Challenges of evaluation, raised by Hynda Krachni 
  • How to Measure the Impact of Monitoring and Evaluation Work, raised by Abubakar Muhammad Moki
  • What about stakeholders?, raised by Patricia R. Sfeir