RE: Making data collection meaningful and useful to farmers: what is your experience? | Eval Forward

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to share with you our experience in the implementation of the GAFSP MMI project in Senegal.

We have set up a participatory M&E system in which the communities are the central elements. For each PO (producer organisation), we selected a team of supervisors and facilitators from the communities. We trained these people in digital data collection via kobo and also in the facilitation of a qualitative survey in order to empower them in data collection. The training was difficult, given the level of some facilitators, but it must be acknowledged that they are very much empowered and accepted by the communities for the provision of reliable data.
We are continuing this process to make monitoring booklets available to the grassroots producer organisers, which are filled in every year so that the facilitators, via the tablet, will go on missions to collect data in the monitoring booklets of the value chain.

It is necessary to have an inclusive approach and to define an M&E guideline that makes producers responsible for the implementation of the monitoring-evaluation system.

[this contribution was originally posted in French]