RE: Reporting and supporting evaluation use and influence | Eval Forward

Dear Gordon and colleagues,

Communicating evaluation findings in concise, comprehensible and meaningful way is a challenge. How many people actually read 150 page report?

UN WFP in Asia Pacific region is attempting to solve this issue by combining Evaluation with visual facilitation. The methodology is called EvaluVision.

3 min explainer video and e-book hopefully give you idea of how to use visualization and facilitation technique to design, validate, and disseminate evaluation. There are more videos and case studies in the e-book.

Next week, on 8 September from 9:00 – 12:00 a.m. (Manila time), we will present EvaluVision as a part of ADB-WFP organized learning session "Engage to Communicate: Stakeholder Analysis for Communicating Evaluations" during the Asian Evaluation Week. The learning session will be 9:00-12:00, but EvaluVision is set for 11:00-12:00. For more information, please visit AEW site . I attached the e-flyer as well.

We need both literal and visual thinking to make use of evaluation.