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Hi All - I am posting this on behalf of my colleague Jean Marie RUHANAMIRINDI, well-regarded acroecologist & community facilitator for The Federation of Agricultural Producers' Organizations of Congo in South Kivu (FOPAC SK):


Greetings to all of you who take the time to share their experiences on agroecological evaluation.

I am sharing with you the monitoring of agroecological agricultural practices carried out by FOPAC SK (Federation of Agricultural Producers' Organisations of Congo/South Kivu) in the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO; because in our opinion, we first need to define the evaluation reference system, i.e. what are agroecological agricultural practices?  On our side we consider: agroforestry, permaculture, the use of organic fertilizers, the use of local or adapted seeds, water management and the integration of agriculture and livestock.

We don't have a specific tool but we base ourselves on the sustainability of the system:

- For the forest area, the degree of practicability of permaculture taking into account the biomass production power of intercrops. The upper natural forest is retained but reduced to allow for the integration of crops. We see in all cases the number of men, women and youth involved in the system.

- For the Ordinary Rural zone: the focus is more on agroforestry, agriculture-livestock integration practices, recycling of crop residues. An analysis of cultural and food traditions is also attempted for the definition of species (Acceptability). Integrated soil fertility management practices, protection of land capital and the degree of application of animal and plant pharmacopoeia.  

- Wetlands: attention is focused on water management, whether the systems pollute water, the crop cycle and the amount of biomass left after harvesting. The protection of marshes and lowlands from the onslaught of the hills -