RE: The pervasive power of western evaluation culture: how and in what ways do you wrestle with ensuring evaluation is culturally appropriate and beneficial to those who legitimise development aid? | Eval Forward

Mr Mustapha Malki, PhD

Warm and respectful greetings to Mustapha Malki. I consider your contribution on this issue to be excellent and appropriate.

The various tools for analysing and understanding the target population and the resulting development actions must take into account the circumstances of the individuals as representatives of their culture.

Evaluation is the fundamental tool that collects and internalizes knowledge and experiences, presents a diagnosis, socially characterises a population and carries out a systematic analysis of the information. 

The structure of this practice allows it to generate an inner vision of the target population, based on the inherent contribution of nature itself and the contributions of the different tools applied.

Sincerely, Pedronel Lobaton Bedon. Consultant.