RE: Developing effective, inclusive and gender responsive MEAL systems | Eval Forward

Good morning to all,

The topic under discussion is of great interest, given the monitoring and evaluation aspect of development projects that has been raised: leaving no one behind and taking into consideration the concerns related to gender and the disadvantaged. It is very important to think about this. But to do this, the necessary preparations must be taken very early on, upstream of the monitoring-evaluation process. A methodological approach exists in this respect and is used in the field of natural resource management, but also in all other areas of socio-economic development. It is the 4Rs method. It is a method that allows all stakeholders to be identified in a participatory way, without the risk of forgetting any. The 4R method stands for Responsibilities, Rights, Relationships and Revenues. The 4Rs method is very effective because it identifies project stakeholders on the basis of duties, rights, relationships and revenues. The effectiveness of the method therefore comes from the fact that it is used from planning to monitoring and evaluation. When the method is used, monitoring and evaluation opens the way to focus sessions for rich and comprehensive information. I am willing to discuss this further, if necessary.


Agroéconomiste, Directeur de l'Ecole d'Agrobusiness et de Politiques Agricoles, Université Nationale d'Agriculture de Porto-Novo (Bénin)