RE: Developing effective, inclusive and gender responsive MEAL systems | Eval Forward

Hello Eriasafu and Serdar,

Very useful thread to learn about gender-responsive and inclusive M&E. Thanks, Serdar for your important points. Adding to what you (Serdar) have written  (hope you have your permission!), I find the following important areas while setting up the gender-responsive and inclusive M&E: 

  • Users: We find it is important to start with the user of the data while designing any M&E system. Usually, we have accountability to the donors/funders. However, the inclusive M&E is supposed to benefit the people who share their information, and the policymakers to take appropriate policy decisions. Hence, I'm inclined to citizen's monitoring, which can be in a form of a citizen scorecard or some other tools (such as other participatory tools). 
  • Set of objectives - Do we have explicit mention of women, youths, and gender and sexual minorities (GSMs), for example (per context)? 
  • Indicators -  Do we have both qualitative and quantitative indicators, measuring the changes/outcomes/impacts on various groups of people (women, youths, GSMs)? 
  • Tools - Do the tools help getting disaggregated data, both qualitative and quantitative? 
  • Data collectors - Who is going to collect the data? Do we maintain enough sensitivity to the confidentiality and privacy of the participants? Do we have rightly trained people? 
  • Data analysis and reporting - Does the data analysis and reporting equally prioritize all groups? If we consider who are going to be engaged in data analysis and reporting when designing an M&E system, it helps shape it, accordingly. 

My two cents,