RE: Developing effective, inclusive and gender responsive MEAL systems | Eval Forward

Hello fellow discussants,

Thank you for your ideas. I strongly believe that any one developing or strengthening their M&E system would find all these ideas very helpful. Please, allow me to add.

It is interesting to learn that “purpose and utility” should be considered at the onset when developing a MEAL system.

I believe regardless of other purposes of the MEAL system, “Reflection and Learning” are important aspects to consider when setting the purpose and utility of the system.

On the accountability part of the MEAL system, accountability processes and activities too would consider the various backgrounds within the targeted groups (the communities, or beneficiaries, or the crisis affected people). For example, the feedback and complaints mechanism should be accessible by ALL; hence, making the accountability system inclusive in a way.

Based on my experience, unless the program or project or the evaluation itself mainstreamed disability, elderly people, children, and different sexual orientations right from the design phase, it is common to see evaluation results not talking about such groups of people satisfactorily. This is also where the aspect of HRBA should come in strongly when developing and operationalizing MEL systems (as Serdar mentioned).

Certainly, all the ideas posted put together give a good understanding of how we can develop effective and inclusive MEAL systems, the constraints involved, and how to address them.

Daniel, you mentioned that “I believe such reflection comes in revealing the unknown through listening to and learning from those in need, not measuring those in charge - excluded and underserved communities”. Really, this emphasizes why we need to advocate for inclusive and gender-responsive MEAL systems.