RE: Developing effective, inclusive and gender responsive MEAL systems | Eval Forward

Hello everyone, here is my contribution to the topic.

  • How can we develop effective and inclusive MEAL systems?

Yes, we can, and in my opinion, to do so:

It is necessary to involve all the actors of the chain, namely the government and its branches (the sectoral ministries, the regions, the municipalities and the village committees including the village chiefs or their representatives).

It is also necessary to take into account other experiences already gained in the field.

You have to take into account the needs of people with disabilities in addition to gender.

Finally, I think you should take into account the market for the product targeted at the time of the emergency.

  • What are the constraints encountered and how can they be solved?

Some difficulties encountered:

  • The non-involvement of certain actors at the start of the project;
  • The mastery of the methods used by the affected populations;
  • The failure to take into account the study of the product before and during the disaster or crisis;

In order to mitigate, a few issues need to be explored:

  • Effective involvement of all actors at all levels;
  • Experimenting with other methods not mastered by the target populations;
  • Always consider the market before the crisis and after the crisis before engaging.

[Contribution translated from French]