RE: Developing effective, inclusive and gender responsive MEAL systems | Eval Forward

Greeting to you members!

In fact, you may agree that there are several agencies where Gender is a key component of their programming. However, these agencies still face challenges in institutionalizing gender-responsive MEAL. For instance, I am completing my dissertation titled “Factors influencing gender-responsive monitoring in non-governmental organizations…”. Based on the findings and our discussions here on Eval Forward, I can conclude that even humanitarian or development agencies whose programmes have a large component of Gender can face serious challenges in ensuring gender-responsive monitoring systems—be it at project or programme or organizational level). Therefore, I also agree with you, Kien that “The parameter of inclusion, effectiveness and efficiency are easier BUT GENDER RESPONSIVE IS SO COMPLICATED”. 

I am thinking that a more Evidence-Based Approach should be used by the agency in order to strengthen gender-responsiveness at project, programme, and organizational level.