RE: How to define and identify lessons learned? | Eval Forward

Dear Emilia Bretan,

A cordial greeting. You asked to identify and consolidate the lessons learned, from our experience: I believe that we have all lived with this task in a situation directly or indirectly carrying a shared understanding or definition of what a lesson learned is. Regardless of whether they are presented to us as lessons that sound like findings, conclusions, recommendations or they belong to another place, the interesting thing about this is to create a direction, in other words, to organize the subject according to the pillars or foundations that are showing us a result of an experience in any sector, be it environmental, technical, socioeconomic, or productive, and take it into the subject that we are working on, applying all the guidelines and strategies that are presented to us to finally achieve a successful result of this puzzle that generates the knowledge and learning of the community.

Now, as for any resource that can be shared that presents a step-by-step approach to identify the lessons learned that can be useful for our practice, I can cite an experience of lessons learned, best practices and adding results of case studies in coexistence and knowledge. Within the indigenous, settler and city communities, a task or workshop within the target population can be cited for study or recommendation based on experience to replicate to professionals interested in the event or workshop, such as Local Production Systems and Technologies-( STLP), an event that can be applied in the field, environmental, technical, socioeconomic, or productive sectors, because it argues how complex the topic is and finally all this structure or navigation chart that is taken, brings together and concludes a lesson learned which is the objective task. Finally, it is a Workshop or Event that takes two to three days with all its arguments and strategies for any chosen target population.
I just have to thank you for the interest in reading this simple contribution to this topic.

Pedronel Lobaton Bedon