RE: How to define and identify lessons learned? | Eval Forward

Dear all friends and colleagues, 

Greeting from PRC, Hanoi, Vietnam. Happy Lunar New Year 2023.

In my opinion, terminology "' lesson learned" looks like very familiars to everyone but it is not easy to define and identify in real life, especially in the agriculture sector. Basically or theoretically, lessons learned also get the correct answers. This is only right in basic/mechanical science and psychological/ behavioral science. Actually, lessons learned be just defined and identified as they are applied and disseminated in the homologous condition and environment. Additionally, learned lessons are approved as lessons are rightly applied by applicants in various situations but this differences have be considered and eliminated by learners. In this case, learners could be seen as modifiers, innovators, event if creators although almost they are not approved because the differences is no clear and very littles