European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference

European Evaluation Society Biennial Conference

Copenhagen, Denmark

flag EES The 14th European Evaluation Society (EES) 2022 Conference theme is Evaluation at a watershed: actions and shifting paradigms for challenging times and invites evaluators, commissioners, and users from Europe and beyond to come together to design the contours of these necessary paradigmatic shifts and concrete actions through a range of conference modalities that have been designed to spark collective reflections and actions across four different areas: 1) Institutional shift: transforming evaluation systems; ) Identity shift: transforming evaluators; 3) Content shift: transformation in and by evaluation; 4) Methodological shift: transforming methodologies. 

Professional development workshops: 6-7 June

Conference sessions: 8-10 June

Below is the list of sessions featuring participation from the offices of evaluation of FAO, IFAD, WFP and the CGIAR

Wednesday, 8 June

  • Results and Evaluation Systems in Large International Organizations: Tradeoffs between Continuity and Renewal 

Chair: Rasmus Heltberg (IEG, World Bank, United States of America) 
Discussants: Fabrizio Felloni (IEO, IFAD), Tomasz Bartos (Evaluation Department, EBRD), Rasmus Heltberg (IEG, World Bank), Peter Dahler-Larsen (Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen)

  • Contributing to the New Normal in Evaluation: Case Studies and Lesson from pivoting in the face of a Global Crisis

Chair: Uyen Kim Huynh (UNICEF) 
Discussants: Mona Fetouh (UNICEF), Jane Mwangi (UNICEF), Carlos Tarazona (FAO), Megan Kennedy Chouane (OECD)

  • Encouraging Reflection And Evidence-use In Development Organisations: Learning From New Practices Applied In Impact Evaluation To Identify Evidence Priorities 

Chairs: Jonas Leo Heirman (WFP), Aurélie Larmoyer (WFP) 
Discussants: Andrew Kaiser-Tedesco (GIZ, Germany), Simone Lombardini (WFP), Niamh O’Grady (WFP)

  • Building Evaluation Systems to Transform Development Outcomes – Learning from the Experiences of the UN Evaluation Group 

Chairs: Grace Igweta (WFP) 
Discussants: Heather Bryant (UNDP), Renata Mirulla (EvalForward, FAO), Megan Kennedy-Chouane (OECD), Nea-Mari Heinonen (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland), Ian Goldman (CLEAR Anglophone Africa, University of Cape Town)

  • Building Bodies of Impact Evaluation Evidence in the Humanitarian Sector

Chair: Jonas Heirman (WFP) 
Discussants: Chloe Fernandez (DIME - World Bank), Kristen McCollum (WFP), Adam Trowbridge (USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance)

  • Digital Transformation and Big Data in Agriculture: Evaluation with and of, Lessons Learnt 

Chair: Sonal Zaveri (Community of Evaluators South Asia, EvalGender+ Chair) 
Discussants: Ibtissem Jouini (Founder EvalChange, CGIAR Big Data Evaluation Team leader), Seda Kojoyan (FAO), Svetlana Negroustoueva (CGIAR, Independent Evaluation Function)

Thursday, 9 June

  • Applying Developmental Evaluation Approaches In UN Agency Evaluations - Challenges And Opportunities

Chair: Deborah McWhinney (WFP) 
Discussants: Deborah McWhinney (WFP), Julia Betts (Independent), Valeria Carou-Jones (UNFPA), Michael Quinn Patton (Independent)

  • From Neutral Observers to Advocates, Truth Speakers, and Agents Provocateurs: What Role Should Evaluators Play? Reflections Around Evaluation Policies 

Chair: Megan G. Kennedy-Chouane (OECD) 
Discussants) Svetlana Negroustoueva (CGIAR), Anne-Claire Luzot (WFP), Caroll Patterson (TEG Adaption Fund), Fabrizio Felloni (IFAD), Rachel Sauvinet Bedouin (FAO), Nanthikesan Suppiramaniam (IFAD)

  • Should Evaluation Criteria Reflect Values Aligned with Social Justice and Equity? Can They Capture Transformative Change in Humanitarian Action? (ALNAP) 

Chairs: Susanna Morrison-Metois (ALNAP), John Mitchell (ALNAP)
Discussants: Miki Tsukamoto (IFRC), Vivien Knips (WFP)

  • Building Norm-based Evaluation Functions Across The UN System Using A Maturity Matrix Approach  

Presenters: Andrew Fyfe (UNCDF/UNEG), Rachel Bedouin (FAO), Katinka Koke (UNITAR), Michael Spilsbury (UNEP), David Rider Smith (UNHCR)

The Search for SDG 2 - 5:20pm-6:50pm

Presenter: Olivier Cossée (FAO)

Friday, 10 June

  • A Transformative Change in Development Evaluation: Opportunities and Challenges for Changing Practices, Mindsets and Values in International Organisations 

Chairs: Donna Mertens (Gallaudet University), Johanna Pennarz (IFAD, Italy) 
Discussants: Johanna Pennarz (IFAD), Laura Tagle (Department for Cohesion Policies), David Rider Smith (UNHCR), Donna Mertens (Gallaudet University), Ashwani Muthoo (New Development Bank)

  • From Principles to Practice: a round table discussion on Ethics 

Chair: Vivien Knips (WFP) 
Discussants: Egidie Murekatete (International Criminal Court), Judit Jankovic (International Criminal Court), Simone Lombardini (World Food Programme), Sarah Bellot LeHellidu (Particip), Alena Lappo (EES, EvalYouth Europe and P2p+ Ethics), Phuong Pham (Harvard Humanitarian Initiatives)

  • Making evaluations Methods Innovative To Inform Transformation: Experience From UN Agencies  

Chair: Daniele Lamarque (President EES 2021) 
Discussants: Marco Segone (UNFPA Evaluation Office), Zlata Bruckauf (Evaluation Office, UNICEF), Sarah Longford (WFP), Heather Bryant (UNDP)

  • Role of Portfolio Analysis with the focus on SDGs in the Global Evaluations

Presenter: Ekaterina Dorodnykh (FAO)

  • Evaluating Quality of Science and Research–Approaches and Methods to Inform Transformation and Manage Knowledge 

Chair: Patricia Rogers (Independent) 
Discussants: Svetlana Negroustoueva (CGIAR. Italy), Enrico Boanaiuti (ICARDA/CGIAR, Lebanon), Renata Mirulla (EvalForward, FAO), Robert McLean (IDRC, Canada)

  • Improving and Transforming Evaluation Delivery And Uptake Through Effective Use of Quality Assessment Systems and Tools

Presenters: Giulia Pappalepore (WFP), Grace Igweta (WFP), Hicham Daoudi (UNFPA), Ida Lindkvist (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation - Norad)

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