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Ambrose Obi

Grace Olloko Holy Hands Legacy Ltd

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Ambrose is currently volunteering in preparation for the UN Food summit 2021, In partnership with Thought For Food, The Food Systems Game Changers Lab, (FSGCL) Cohort 1, Designing a Uniquely Transformative, Dynamic, Global Climate-Smart Agro-Hub solution to empower Women and Youth, addressing Global Hunger, poverty, malnutrition and mitigate adverse effects of climate change by 2030.

Ambrose is a development worker, farmer, and entrepreneur, also a co-founder of Grace Olloko Holy Hands Legacy, a social business enterprise registered in Uganda, with the mission to catalyze agro-industrial growth based on principles of ecological sustainability, economic efficiency, and social equity

I'm enthused, having been a victim of Poverty, Hunger, Malnutrition, and Social Injustice while growing up as a youth, born from a humble peasant family in a community with perennial chronic poverty, eating one meal per day, in drought-prone areas of Eastern Uganda in Africa. I am, a Social Entrepreneur, Development worker, and a farmer whose passion since childhood has been, to be part of the solutions to the social and economic dilemmas of the vulnerable young women and men of global and my communities by applying Rewarding, impactful, inclusive, evidence-based, Innovative, Holistic, Sustainable community-based Solutions to fight poverty, income disparities, neutralize hunger, and mitigate climate change adverse effects

Ambrose has a versatile wealth of knowledge, skill, expertise, and competencies in programme development and implementation, 23 years’ hands on experience in complex Programme Management and Support of budget of over USD 750m, over 15 years in Senior Management roles. Over 10 years in ERPs, solid Experience in WHOs ERP (GMS, procurement, Qualified with MBA Finance; Accounting; Post Graduate Certificate in Accounting & Budgeting from Michigan USA, CPA 2 nd Level. Certificate in Executive Leadership