Amleset Haile [user:field_middlename] Abreha

Amleset Haile Abreha

    • Dear Eoghan, 

      Thank you for raising this issue. Greetings from Ethiopia. I was a team member of the Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation of the Drought Response in Ethiopia 2015 - 2018 evaluation and was the one fully responsible for the drought-affected community survey conducted for the UN response in Ethiopia (2015-2018).  As part of the survey, we purposely included various types of community members including disabled people, and also wanted to know their reflection towards responses provided and how it was perceived by the different groups.

      Herewith please find the report attached and focus on the process, methodology, and questions itself and the whole approach towards the assessment. I would be very happy to share in detail my/our experience in this evaluation if you find it useful. Please let me know, I would be very happy to engage.

      Best regards,