Jesse [user:field_middlename] DeMaria-Kinney

Jesse DeMaria-Kinney

Deputy Director & Senior Expert on Climate Change Adaptation

More about me

Jesse has nearly 15 years experience with international and local NGOs and the United Nations (UNESCO and UNV) working at the interface of policy-practice-research in Asia, Africa and Latin America. His work has focused on the thematic areas of climate change adaptation, resilience building, multi-stakeholder processes and formal and non-formal education. Prior to joining PlanAdapt, Jesse managed and coordinated Oxfam’s role as the Research-for-Impact (or research-into-use) lead partner in the Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR) consortium.

He is an Africa Climate Development Initiative (ACDI) Associate and course instructor for the Research-for-Impact online course hosted by the University of Cape Town.

Jesse holds an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies and Biology, and Master’s degrees in both Environmental Health and Decentralised International Cooperation.