RE: Developing effective, inclusive and gender responsive MEAL systems | Eval Forward

Hello dear experts!

Thank you also for your contributions, and I bring my share of knowledge in the more specific sense of "gender in the food sector - agriculture". Without repeating the contributions of others, it is important that everything is clear, in terms of:

1. indicators, which must be well specified according to the different groups of food security beneficiaries (pregnant women, people living with disabilities, children, the elderly, female-headed households, polygamous households where women have their own kitchens and are not dependent on their husbands) to facilitate the disaggregation of the specific questionnaires related to them and, above all, the contribution of the activities to meet the indicators. It turns out that the specification of the indicators will also allow the questions to be determined according to the role of the different beneficiary groups to enable the reporting of information on these indicators according to the different groups.

2. Baseline or initial assessment: to control and identify preliminary issues in order to define the indicators it is necessary to specify the households that cultivate, the households that own arable land etc...., the categories of people that cultivate etc.

3. Project theory of change: This will define the activities, outputs, and outcomes in order to monitor progress and fidelity of the implementation of the activities during the implementation of the project; and to enable quarterly review of the activities. With the objective of adapting the activities, move on to the training of actors in order to plan well, for the achievement of effective results.

4. CLA (Collaboration, Learning and Adaptation): Adaptation, training and learning on lessons learned from the results, this to bring stakeholders to review activities, re-plan them according to an effective budget and its staff trained in relation to the evaluation result in order to improve the result and meet the indicators.


[Translated from French]